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It is nice to know about this site. I look forward to more articles about cutting edge break-throughs in dental health.

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It is much nicer that you have the patient's interests in mind. I always want the best dental service possible.

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Thank you for sharing your services! I can't wait to share your page to my friends.

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I'm glad to know that you are prioritizing the patient's comfort first. It is nice to hear that a dental facility is making the initiative to make their patients relaxed.


It's great to hear about dentists who put their patients above everything else. More power to you!

Ron Receveur

Your vision of creating a dental practice that treats every patient with dignity and first-rate dental care is perfect. It's always expected for the dentists to give first class dental care to their clients and patients.

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Hello doctor, Having a great pleasure by seeing this blog. I am suffering from tooth ache from several days please help in solving my problem. Thanks for the blog for giving a chance to put my problem before the Doctor thanks for the blog...:)


Unprofessional, zero compassion, and just a lyers. I went in for mild toaothche. Dr. was unable to see which tooth was bad even with an x-ray. They blew air into the tooth causing the nerves to become painful. Dr. stated the tooth had a small crack in it and wanted to do a crown and all this other stuff. When I asked for a second opinion the Dr. had an attitude and started treating me with a rude attitude because I asked for a second opinion. They asked if I had seen the crack and when I thought they were going to put die in it so I could see the crack, they blew air in it again instead, causing great pain. After leaving the office the tooth became extremely painful, so much so that my husband had to call them to call in a prescription. They would not let us speak to the Dr. and stated she would not give me anything that I was to just take Tylenol or ibprophen. After my husband called back again asking for some help. They finally said they would call in a prescription after the Dr. was done with another patient. An hour and half later the prescription was never called in and of course the office was closed. Totally unprofessional. Spreads the word, save your money, time and most important save yourself some PAIN.VA:F [1.9.7_1111]


I would not recommend oihoodtntrst Dr. Greg Greenberg of Dallas, Texas. During the course of my orthodontic treatment with him, I paid him for full for orthodontic treatment including the cost for a retainer and the cost to remove my braces. Before my treatment was complete and while still in braces, Dr. Greenberg sent me a letter stating he did would no longer treat me. He refused to reimburse me for the retainer I had already paid him for and for the cost of having my braces removed, which I had also paid him for. I had to pay another oihoodtntrst $250 to remove my braces. I sent Dr. Greg Greenberg a letter along with the bill for $250 I had to pay the other oihoodtntrst and requested reimbursement for a total of $560. This amount included the $250 and $310 that I found Dr. Greg Greenberg had charged me up-front for a retainer that I never received. He responded with a letter stating he would not reimburse me. I am out $560 and have filed a complaint against him with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners and the Better Business Bureau.I would strongly urge anyone seeking orthodontic treatment to steer clear of this oihoodtntrst. My advice would be to choose an oihoodtntrst where you pay at the end of treatment for the retainer and the cost to remove the bracesVA:F [1.9.7_1111]


You're wrong about medical copyas. Some are still $ 10, but most copyas have been getting higher and higher. Currently, I'm paying a $ 25 copay, and I have excellent health insurance.Typically there are no copyas with dental coverage. You would be covered at 100% for preventative services, with no deductible. Basic restorative services are subject to deductible (usually around $ 50) and then paid at 80%, so you owe the remaining 20%. Major services are also subject to deductible, and then payable at 50%.


Dental Instruments | Dental Office Instrumentswireless intraoral caerma for your teethPosted by admin on November 05, 2011intraoral caermawireless intraoral caermaA wireless intraoral dental caerma is a very important instrument used by a dentist to get the image of teeth.the use of dental caerma will help you in finding the right path where you need to do some treatment. So besides for dentist,


Besides enjoying his work as a Jones Boy all these years, I coisnder Kent's co-compositions If The Red Leaves The Roses and Home Is Where The Hurt Is to be the finest tunes on Ron Gaddis' Chip Off The Old Block album. More than that, I coisnder Roses to be one of the greatest country songs ever. Good luck with all things, Kent! Also, If anyone reading this message can put me in touch with Gaddis (or him in touch with me), I'd like to purchase any additional music he has for sale (I know of at least one CD single), as well as catch a live show sometime. His website is inactive and I have not been able to find a schedule of his live appearances. Thanks!


The worst dental ocffie i have ever been too. they assume that everyone that comes into their ocffies are made of money so they tell you EVERYTHING that is wrong with your teeth and what you need done but they wont let you do only what your insurance covers right now and come back later for the other stuff. they say they have to do all the stuff or none of it when the grand total comes to over $4,000.00 you know something is wrong. they say your insurance only covers 50-70% of the whole cost, i truely believe it is so they can make money off you and your insurance. i will definitly be getting a second opinion from another dentist. they are liars and are just interested in ripping you off. my advice would be stay away from them i am sure you can find another dentist that can do the work better, more efficient and for less or at the very least your insurance would cover more.VA:F [1.9.7_1111]


Many people are going aborad for extensive dental work. I've heard of Mexico, India and Eastern Europe. For $ 47,000 you could have a nice vacation, take care of your teeth, AND put money in the bank.


The Doc was not professional at all. I was not pasleed at with the service at all. Unfriendly front office staff, and I waited for insurance approval for a procedure for over an hour and the office staff again so rude and they make it seem like you are a bother to them. I will never go there again, once was enough.VA:F [1.9.7_1111]


You have many great reviews on goolge, and you get the highest rating on Angies List, I will call your office to see if you can help with my gum disease, I think I need dental implants.

Memphis Dental Excellence

A wireless intramural dental camera is a very important instrument used by a dentist to get the image of teeth.


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try this they cover cosmetics and will find you a detnist that is a member of american dental association.they have no waiting period and they accept pre-existing conditions too.1-800-929-8344 ref 246314References :

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